Nov 1, 2008

Appalachian Trail In The Air

Just as the Appalachian trail was cleared across the USA, and bike paths are cleared in cities, should seek and spearhead the creation of aviation and border-issue-clear lanes for Solar (passive) ballooning.

The hot air balloon community does not work on these issues because it is (1) industrially intensive (2) tourist-oriented. The solar balloon community is smaller and more open to new ideas than the hot-air balloon community. For example, they are providing wind pattern information to NASA.

Humans are ocean faring ever since we were tool-making; but we are airborne for only a few hundred years. We have almost no collective experience or lore about living in the air. Compare this to ocean dwelling--ideas of the doldrums, the storms, the Easterly winds, etc. are in poetry, literature and public knowledge.

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