Jan 2, 2009

Video Game

To promote passive flight and the Law of the Air, imagine a video game.

The game would have a NASA WorldWinds engine at its heart (WorldWinds has better wind information that Google Earth). The clouds would have real dimension and moisture.

The goal of the game could be to fly from point A to point B (say Munich to Amsterdam).

Thanks to Tomas Saraceno for brainstorming about this idea with me.

Jan 1, 2009


Living in the air is quite difficult. People must be ready to be very cold, oxygen deprived, and tolerate bright sunlight.

To make progress, we need a millionaire to finance a LawOfTheAir "X-Prize."

The first person to live off Earth for two months would win.

The qualifications need some more defintion, of course.
  • do we require gray water recycling?
  • can the aeronaut land daily to get food and let out black water?
  • are there navigation requirements? Or just the need to stay aloft?
Thanks to T. Saraceno for brainstorming about this with me.