Aug 3, 2010

Cloud 9 Facebook Group

David Erskine-Zilbert and other Cloud 9 fans created a Facebook group, "Cloud 9 Tensegrity Sphere - Can It Become a Reality". Some interesting people are members, like the leading Italian tensegrity expert Biagio Di Carlo.

I joined.. Will you?



he-who-laughs-when-cold said...

Hey David Erskine-Zilbert here.
I just want to thank you for this blog, and here is some loving kindness. Well I agree with your paradigm, people have achieved the scientific knowledge necessary to begin airsteading, but as a social consciousness i believe that it will be a long and difficult path into the sky.

he-who-laughs-when-cold said...

Lets do it! where do i sign up?
I want to work with a crew building a tensegrity sphere.